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Kazoo Marketing Solutions

About Kazoo Marketing Solutions

At Kazoo, we help our clients improve their marketing, increase sales, and build their businesses through effective marketing strategy using our proprietary 7-step marketing process.

Kazoo was started by Joanna Lees, with the goal to make marketing strategy easy for small businesses to implement and optimize.

Joanna has spent almost twenty years in technology and online businesses, in roles from marketing and services strategy at a Fortune 100 technology leader, software industry enabling, tech industry analyst, to business and marketing coach for a wide range of clients of all sizes, from startups to market leaders.

Why Kazoo?

The kazoo is a musical instrument that magnifies the player's humming. The sound from the kazoo is only as melodious as their humming.

That's very much like marketing - you need to start with harmonious positioning and branding, and then you can magnify your message with a strong marketing strategy and plan.

At Kazoo, we help our clients create harmony with their brand, and strengthen and target their marketing so they can make a buzz.